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A Glade Plug-Ins Scented Oil Customizable unit.

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It’s not often we get to choose one or the other, but Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Customizables make it easy by alternating between two (2) fragrances daily to help keep your home fragrant-fresh for your family. With a beautifully designed holder that begs for an outlet within view, this is sure to become your favorite scented oil warmer. This product has been discontinued.


Create your own custom fragrance experience with the Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Customizables warmer. The new warmer allows you to use any 2 of your favorite Glade PlugIns Scented Oil refills and alternates between the fragrances daily, providing constant delight for you and your family. And the design is beautiful and it will blend into your home's décor.


  • This product is related to the 2in1 Candle, because both of these products allow you to use 2 fragrances at the same time.